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Surveying Equipment Hire


Anemometer measures wind speed. Use the anemometer to determine whether it is safe to use access equipment.


ZIPLEVEL enables one person, working alone, to instantly set up and measure height differences or check levels over unlimited distances without the need for calculations. Unlike conventional levels, ZIPLEVEL does not need line-of-sight so will work from room to room, floor to floor, in deep trenches and around any visual obstruction.


  • Site preparation and excavation
  • Underground utilities
  • Bases, paths, kerbs, roadways
  • Fencing and decking
  • Topographical surveys
  • Landscaping and hardscaping
  • Pool and spa construction
  • Formwork setting
  • Footings and drainage

More ZIPLEVEL product information can be found at Groundscare Products.

cable detector

Cable Detector Hire

This cable detector traces the presence of underground services e.g. electricity cables.

Use the cable detector as a sensible precaution prior to digging.

  • Power Mode - for detecting live imbalanced cables to 3 metres.
  • Radio Mode - for detecting re-radiated radio signals to 2 metres
  • Generator Mode - for detecting conductors carrying the signal generated by the C.Scope Signal Generator or from the Sonde Transmitter to 3 metres
  • Shock resistant
  • Batteries 8 x AA (IEC type LR6), Typical life - 40 hours
  • Weight 3.0 kgs (including batteries),
  • Moisture/dust resistant to IP65
hilti PS20 Reinforcing Bar (Hilti PS20)

Cover Locator will find metallic objects e.g a manhole cover which has been covered by earth and grass.

Hygrometer. The hygrometer measures humidity.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge measures the thickness of metal, Perspex/nylon, pvc and polypropylene e.g the wall thickness of a storage tank.

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Now renting tool & plant to customers in these locations:

  • Wokingham
  • Odiham
  • Whitchurch
  • Kingsclere
  • Mortimer
  • Bramley

and many more within Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey

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