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Power Generators Hire

110v/230v & 3 Phase Power Generator Specifications
Power Generator Model Fuel Capacity Sockets Running Time at Full Load Weight
2.7kva 3.6l 1 x 16a 115v.
1 x 16a 230v.
2.8hrs 36kg
3.4kva 6.0l 2 x 16a 115v.
1 x 16a 230v.
3.0hrs 61kg
6.0kva 6.5l 2 x 16a 115v.
2 x 16a 230v.
2.3hrs 73kg
6.0kva (Diesel) 24l 2x 16a 110v
1 x 32a 110v
1 x 16a 230v
1x 32a 230v
17hrs use at 75% load 196kg
8.0kva 20.0l 2 x 16a 115v.
1 x 32a 115v
1 x 16a 230v
1 x 32a 230v
8.0hrs 198kg Trailer Mounted
20.0kva 120.0l Multi socket 115v, 230v and 400v (3 phase) outputs. 18hrs 679kg Trailer Mounted
30.0kva 280.0l Multi socket 115v, 230v and 400v (3 phase) outputs. 48hrs use at 75% load. 1300kg
Welder Power Generator 4.0kva/200a 6.5l 2 x 16a 115v.
2 x 16a 230v.
2.5hrs 88kg

230V Equipment - Most items will need a Circuit Breaker.
110V Equipment - All items will need a Transformer.

Power Generator Rental Prices (Excl. VAT)
Item 4 hour1 Day2 Days3 DaysWeekWeekend
4KvA Diesel Generator£51£65£88£114£126£82
Additional Earth Rod£8£8£8£8£8£8
Generator, 50kva 230/415v diesel£814£814£814£814£814£814
Generator, 10kVa, 110/230v, silent diesel, trailer-mounted£114£143£198£256£285£185
Generator, 2.7 kVa (2.2kw), 110/230v, petrol£23£29£39£49£55£37
Generator, 20kVa, 230/415v, silent diesel, trailer-mounted£238£238£358£358£358£298
Generator, 3.5kVa (2.8kw), 110/230v, petrol£30£37£51£66£72£48
Generator, 30kVa, 230/415v, silent diesel, trailer-mounted£434£434£434£434£434£434
Generator, 6kVa (4.8kw), 110/230v, petrol£42£51£72£91£103£67
Generator, 6kVa (4.8kw), 230/110v Diesel£75£92£129£167£185£121
Generator, 8kVa (6.4kw), silent diesel, trailer-mounted£85£106£148£189£210£137
Welder/Generator, 200a/4kVa, 110/230v, petrol£54£67£92£119£132£86
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