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Miscellaneous Tool Hire

Pipe Bung
Pipe Bung
Hazard Light
Hazard Light

Miscellaneous Rental Prices (Excl. VAT)
Item 4 hour1 Day2 Days3 DaysWeekWeekend
Compressor Hose, 6m£5£5£5£5£5£5
De-thatching Kit for TurfTeq Power Broom£30£30£36£41£46£36
Diesel Particulate Filter Kit£87£87£122£156£174£113
Digging Bar£5£6£7£8£9£7
Drip Tray 1220mm x 1120 x 50mm£12£12£12£12£12£12
Drip Tray 610mm x 915mm x 50mm£8£8£8£8£8£8
Handrail System, for stagings, per metre£8£8£8£8£8£8
Hazard Lamp£5£5£5£5£5£5
Interlocking Trench Sheets, M11 (4m)£7£7£7£7£7£7
Pipe Bungs 300mm (12in)£13£13£13£13£13£13
Pipe Bungs, 100mm (4in)£6£6£6£6£6£6
Pipe Bungs, 200mm (8in)£9£9£9£9£9£9
Post Hole Borer Extension Bar, 1m£5£5£6£7£8£6
Rubbish Chute Section, 1.2m£11£11£11£11£11£11
Scaffold Board, 4m (13 ft)£3£3£3£3£3£3
Steel Cutting Blade, TCT£5£5£6£7£8£6
Warm Air Hose, 50mm (2in), per metre, for desiccant driers£3£3£3£3£3£3
Wet Air Hose, 6m (20ft) for desiccant driers£6£6£6£6£6£6
Wheelbarrow, 90 litre, contractor's£5£6£7£8£9£7
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