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Post and Fence Equipment Hire

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Hole Borer

Hole Borer - Digger Mounted

  • 6",8",10" & 12" (150,200,250 & 300mm) auger bits available
  • Effective length 1000mm
  • powered by 1.5t mini digger
Post Puller

Post Puller, - hydraulic

  • Effortless extraction of fence posts and/or bases
  • Use it to transport heavy, awkward concrete lumps
Hydraulic Post Borer

Hole Borer, hydraulic

  • 4",6",8" & 14" (100,150,200 & 350mm) auger bits available
  • Effective length 1000mm
  • • 1000mm Extension Bar available
  • Main chassis tube telescopes for ease of transport
  • Petrol engine with recoil start
Pole Borer

Hole Borer, manual, 6" (150mm)


  • Specialised 'double shovel' hand tool for digging post holes.

Post & Stake Driver (Easy Post Driver)

  • Drive in fence posts, sign posts and marquee stakes
  • Adapters up to 4" (100mm) are available
  • Pilot core hole tool for hard ground
  • Portable and self-contained
  • Weighs just 15.5kg
  • HAV (vibration) 9.24 m/s2
  • Petrol engine with recoil start
  • Carry case
Hydraulic Stake Driver

Post & Stake Driver, hydraulic

  • Drive in fence posts and sign posts
  • Adapters from 40mm to 100mm round. Also 100x100mm square and 125x75mm rectangular
  • Powered by transportable power pack (included)
  • Hammer weighs 31kg
  • HAV (vibration) 12.8 m/s2
  • Sound pressure level: 102
  • petrol engine with recoil start
Stake Driver

Post & Stake Driver, manual

  • Accepts posts up to 150mm (6in) diameter.
Digging Bar

Digging Bar, manual

  • Approx 6ft in length
  • Weighs 7kg
  • Point at one end; chisel at the other

Post Hole Borer & Driver Rental Prices (Excl. VAT)
Item 4 hour1 Day2 Days3 DaysWeekWeekend
Auger attachment for 1.5 ton digger£80£80£111£143£159£104
Auger Bit, 11inches£8£8£11£13£14£9
Auger Bit, 4inches£8£8£11£13£14£9
Auger Bit, 6inches£8£8£11£13£14£9
Auger Bit, 8inches£8£8£11£13£14£9
Auger Extension, 1m£5£6£7£8£9£7
Digging Bar£5£6£7£8£9£7
Earth Punner/Rammer£7£8£11£13£14£9
Easy Post Driver, petrol£53£66£92£119£131£86
Pilot Tube, Easy Post Driver£7£8£12£16£17£12
Post Hole Borer, hydraulic, petrol£54£67£103£139£174£90
Post Hole Borer, manual, 6in£7£8£11£13£14£9
Post Puller, Fencemaster M730-2£55£66£92£119£131£88
Post Rammer, hydraulic, incl. Power Pack, petrol£74£92£129£165£184£119
Post Rammer, manual£9£11£14£17£20£14

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