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Electric Heater Hire

electric heater

230v Electric Heater Hire

This electric fan heater is suitable for homes, shops and offices. (2000w & 3kva)

3kva heater

110v/230v 3kva Industrial Electric Heater Hire

This industrial electric fan heater is suitable for workshops and site huts.

halogen heater

Halogen Portable Electric Heater Hire

This electric heater is rated at 230v/1200w.


3kva Infra-Red Electric Heater Hire

This electric heater is suitable for instant localised radiant heat, e.g. drying out specific areas.


230V Equipment - Most items will need a Circuit Breaker.
110V Equipment - All items will need a Transformer.

Electric Heater Rental Prices (Excl. VAT)
Item 4 hour 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day Week Weekend
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Heating Tips

Keeping Your Home Warm.

Other Services

Permanent installations available. Please contact us for details.

Location Location

Now renting tool & plant to customers in these locations:

  • Burghfield
  • Burghfield Common
  • Theale
  • Pangbourne
  • Bradfield
  • Highclere

and many more within Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey


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