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Mini Excavators / Mini Digger Hire

mini excavator
Mini Excavator/Mini Digger Specifications
Capacity Max. Dig Depth Bucket Width Width Zero Tail Swing Cab
1.0 T 1.80m 6-30in 750mm Yes No
1.5 T 2.17m 9-30in 970mm No No
2.5 T 2.55m 12-42in 1500mm Yes Yes
2.6 T 2.72m 12-42in 1440mm No Yes
3.5 T 3.33m 12-42in   No Yes
5.0 T 4m 12-60in   No Yes

Breaker attachment available. Operator can be supplied subject to availability.

All our mini diggers are equipped with quick/hitch buckets. No more messing about with greasy pins when you change from one bucket to another. Simply use the supplied key to release a catch; then operate the machine’s digging arm to park the old bucket and attach the new one.

1-Ton Micro Digger

The latest Kubota U-10, zero tail-swing micro digger with two tracking speeds. This machine is perfect for locations where access width is restricted. Tracks hydraulically retract until the machine is just 750mm (approx 2ft6in) wide. Digging depth 1800mm (approx 5ft11in). Supplied with a range of quick-change buckets.

Mini Digger hire prices.

1.5 Ton Mini Digger

Kubota KX36-3 and KX015-4 mini digger. Fitted with canopy. Digging depth 2230mm (approx 7ft4in). Supplied with a range of quick-change buckets.

Mini Digger hire prices.

2.5 Ton Mini Digger

Kubota U-25, zero tail-swing mini digger with two tracking speeds. Fitted with cab. Digging depth 2820mm (approx 9ft3in). Supplied with a range of quick-change buckets.

Mini Digger hire prices.

2.6 Ton Mini Digger

Kubota KX-61 mini digger with two tracking speeds. Fitted with cab. Digging depth 2740mm (approx 9ft). Supplied with a range of quick-change buckets.

Dust Particulate Filter

dust particulate filterThis is a high temperature exhaust filter to fit virtually all small diesel engine applications, providing a fast, simple and effective solution to operating within enclosed environments and meeting Health & Safety Regulations. Exhaust filters are specifically designed for use on diesel powered plant and construction equipment to effectively reduce smoke and particulate emissions when engines are being used indoors. The filters are constructed to trap particulates as fine as 3 microns when first fitted and increasingly smaller particulates as the filter is ‘conditioned’ (i.e. in normal use the media becomes loaded with carbon, soot and particulates).

Mini Excavator/Mini Digger Hire Prices (Excl. VAT)
Item 4 hour 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day Week Weekend
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Quick-Hitch Buckets

for Mini Diggers & Mini Excavators

digger bucket

What is a Quick-hitch system? Quite simply, it’s a method of attaching buckets to mini diggers without having to fiddle around with the pins that traditionally have held the bucket onto the digging arm.

Working from the driving seat, you position the digging arm so that it engages with hooks on the top of the bucket, and from there, the latching process is automatic.

They have been around for years on bigger excavators, but have gradually been becoming available for mini diggers and micro diggers. They are fitted to all our machines.

Don't put up with the frustration of changing buckets the old-fashioned way; come to County Hire for an easier life!

Before You Dig!

Hire our cable detector. It traces the presence of underground services, e.g. electricity cables.

cable detector

Location Location

Now renting tool & plant to customers in these locations:

  • Wokingham
  • Odiham
  • Whitchurch
  • Kingsclere
  • Mortimer
  • Bramley

and many more within Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey

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